What closet design option do you offer?

With a variety of products, styles, colors and accessories, your closet rganization and installation can include just about anything. Our flexible, custom home organization solution can fit almost any closet design idea.

I want full renovation of my house. How should I approach you and what could be budget?

Firstly you can request a quote through our website. Furthermore you can call on our number. Then we will send our consultant at your home. He will review the space, understand your requirement then we will give you budget. And the second  option is you can give your budget and according to your budget we will offer you the quote.

I want to replace all computer tables from my office with new. But I want this service in specified time limit. Is it possible?

Yes definitely, you can share your time to our consultant so that we can apply our technicians according to your time limit.

I got your quotes through your website, all are good, but I want to renovate my home according to my theme and idea. Would you do that?

Definitely, call on our given number. Our consultant will meet on your specified time and place. Here you can discuss your idea and theme with him. We assure you to renovate your home according to your wish.

What is the difference between an Interior Decorator and an Interior Designer?                            

An interior decorator generally refers to someone who deals with finishes, surfaces, furniture, and wall coverings. Also, an interior decorator may work in a
variety of venues from a design showroom to a remodeling retail store.

An interior designer is a more specialized career field, requiring a certain combined level of education, work experience, and licensing. An interior designer may create spaces for the inside of a commercial office building, design the lighting for a restaurant, or select the furnishings of a home. An interior designer may also deal with issues of safety like accessibility and building codes.

Why Interior Designer important?

An interior designer has knowledge and experience of numerous similar projects. If you need a little help like suggestion on color selection or furniture layout, in this case the advice and guidance of interior designer is invaluable. If you are not sure about themes and layouts of your home interior designers can dispense lots of option for you. Interior designer can prevent you from costly mistakes and ensures smooth progress of project.

What if I change my mind and want to implement new quotation within project or after contract?

During the project if you are planning to change or modify initial quotation, you have to follow this procedure:

Write a mail to us to notify about any changes. We will use all reasonable efforts to fix these. If we cannot, the original will be adhered to. Any changes or variations instructed directly to any contractor or supplier will fall outside of the contract.

In case of changes, we will notify you about new costs. No additional work which increases the cost of the quotation will be undertaken until payment has been made pursuant to these Terms and Conditions.