About us

GiFurnitures is a Bangalore based company specializes in exclusive high-end luxury interior design and furniture supply. Our each project starts with a concept and ends with client amusement. We believe in research and innovation. First we take time to understand clients need and apply it throughout interior design creative process. We are dedicated to make your vision look best.

Our portfolio depicts the work of a very professional team with advanced experience, unique innovation, and exceptional customer service. We hired passionate professionals who innovates designs with intelligence and install it with hard work.

We follow different work strategy for each project as every client has different vision. GiFurnitures is committed to design excellence. We yields a mixture of your vision nourished with latest design and latest trend.

Our furniture products are of good quality created with reputed furniture suppliers. We design furniture according to latest trend focused to satisfy your needs.

We never compromise when it is about customer satisfaction. We will project the design in 3D animation with scope of amendment according to your further suggestion. Our work never crosses the budget line. We will provide the best in the specified budget in the market.